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The Dishank mobile application shows the survey number for the user’s present location in Karnataka.

It also allows surveyors to provide input on survey number details and learn more about their land, such as the owner’s information and the size of their property.

Android users can download the app in the Google Play Store and Apple’s Store. The application is free and downloaded 1M+ times

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Dishank App Karnataka


In the past, a typical person had no way of knowing whether land being sold to him had belonged to government land or other sellers, or what category it was within.

It was frequently discovered that the land purchased was actually constructed on government, forest, or natural drains only after encroachment removal drives were put into place..

The State of Karnataka launched the Dishank app which broadly means Survey Settlement and Land original data Records (Dishank or Dishank SPLR) in Karnataka to enable citizens to tackle the possibility of fraudulent real estate-related transactions and purchases in the state. It was launched in 2018.

How does Dishank prevent fraud in real estate?

  • The app takes into account the 1960 map availability to provide correct information related to the relevant land, such as survey numbers, to help you locate relevant land even in areas with little coverage.
  • The real estate application displays the survey number of the property where you are, i.e., the land about which you want further information.
  • You can see what kind of land it is using the applicant, including if it is a road, government property (owned or leased by the government), rajakaluve (prone to storms), gomala land (meant for agricultural/animal pastures), kharab land (unfit for agriculture), etc.
  • You may even confirm the validity of the site number and survey number on your Khata certificate using this application.

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Who Built Dishank app?

IAS official and commissioner of the SSLR department Munish Moudgil came up with a technological remedy for the land records issue.

The mobile application was developed under the Karnataka State Geospatial Information Systems (DGIS) program at Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Center (KSRSAC).

This app’s goal is to make it possible for users to access data about land ownership that is stored in the Bhoomi database. This should increase transparency and make it possible for people to find out who owns the land in question, where it is located, etc., hence eliminating conflicts over ownership of land.

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